Research Interests

I am very interested in Economics/Finance, and how engineering principles can be applied to these fields. My current areas of interest are:

– Financial Engineering

– Econo-physics

– The Green Economy

The Green Economy

Currently, there is substantial funding going into green technology, both private and public. Given the implications of climate change, it is important for technologists to ensure the security of our climate. Doing so economically is a challenge.

One area that is receiving a lot of press is “clean coal” and “carbon capture and storage” (CCS). While the implications of this technology are great, the economic feasibility remains to be proven. I have prepared an in-depth report into the current state of CCS here.

Please note that this report takes a look at the technical feasibility of this technology, and does not focus on its economic feasibility in the future. Unfortunately, the current economic outlook for this technology is very bleak, as it generally requires more energy to capture and store carbon, than is generated from the carbon producing process to begin with.

Mathematical Economics

After various courses in econometrics and numeric financial computing, I was astonished by how many engineering principles and methods have been applied to the financial industry. Aside from the concerning fact that balance sheets appear to be a misnomer in this field, I have become very interested in the continued progress of the field. I am especially interested in Econophysics,a relatively small field. It can generally be described as the application of physics principles to economic modeling.
I am very interested in the work of  Jean-Philippe Bouchaud.


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